Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frequency Is Your Friend

You know the statistics.  The average person is exposed to anywhere from 247 to 5,000 messages per day.   A person needs to hear new information at least three times before it registers in his/her mind for immediate recollection.  It takes even longer to become truly familiar with, and develop an affinity for, anything new.  All of these factors played into the development of optimum efficiency scheduling (OES) for radio in the 80’s.

OES is a simple mathematic calculation:   divide the station’s weekly cume audience by the average quarter-hour (AQH) audience. The result is the turnover ratio.  Multiply that by 3.29 and you have your station’s OES number.  It was originally developed for sales as a tool to help sell more commercials and create success for advertisers.   Smart programmers started using it as a tool in calculating music rotations.    Now more than ever it is critical that you use this formula for your station promos and imaging.

Here is an OES grid calculated from the averages of the Spring Books of 11 of our Albright & O’Malley & Brenner clients:

Clearly Frequency is your friend.   In this example, a promo that airs 8 times per day Monday-Friday between 6a-7p for one week will be heard by one half of your cume three times.  That frequency barely meets the minimum for retention level.  Effective promos and imaging need to be played to be heard and absorbed.  

These important messages sell the unique differences that set your station apart from your competition.   Use them to create additional appointment listening and remind people that they need to come back time and time again or they will miss something.  Treat your promos and imaging like songs.  Develop power, medium and light messages.   Make sure the power messages are scheduled frequently enough to be absorbed, understood and effective in developing an affinity with your listeners.    Make sure your voice is heard in the clutter of messages your listeners are exposed to every day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Insane Courage

If you haven’t seen the movie “We Bought A Zoo” I would highly recommend it.  Yes it is predictable and sentimental, but it is also inspiring, motivating and it makes you feel good about humans.  It is a strong reminder that people can accomplish anything when they work together and have a positive mental attitude. 

One of the best lines in the movie is Benjamin Mee sharing these words of advice with his son, “You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you, something great will come of it.”  

As you go through the day today, call on that 20 seconds of courage to help you share a new idea, make a tough decision, face a person or situation you have been avoiding.  Present it in a positive way.   Seek out the people who can help you implement and or resolve whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.    Apply this principle to your work and personal life and something great will come of it. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nashville - Expect the Unexpected

CMA Awards week is winding down in Nashville and I am reminded once again how amazing it is to work in the country music business. The CMA is dedicated to bringing the poetry and emotion of Country Music to the world.  The awards show certainly accomplishes that goal.  You can always count on a few surprises during CMA Awards week. 

Just last night Tim MGraw entertained a crowd of 200 people in a cozy 3rd floor bar on Broadway with a full band show for over 90 minutes!   It is clear that he has a renewed enthusiasm for his new music, performing and country radio.  

BMLG Head Scott Borchetta surprised Tim with a plaque for Nielsen BDS’s Most Played Artist of the Decade Award for all genres of music.  He was emotional and humbled.    Then Tim surprised the crowd by welcoming special guest Ne-Yo to the stage.  Ne-Yo shared his thoughts on the power of mixing genres of music and talking about the similarities between R&B, Country & Gospel.   Even the most jaded radio person had to be surprised and impressed by the duets.   Faith stood by the sound board in her Pony Tail and sweatshirt and enjoyed watching her man bring down the house.   It was truly a special evening.

If you are in country radio or a fan of country music, you must experience CMA Music Fest or CMA Awards week.  The common bond that links country music fans, radio and artists is strong.   The CMA declared 2012 “The year of Country Radio”.   Every station, GM and Program Director was given a free membership to the CMA.   If you have not taken advantage of that yet, do it NOW.    Contact Brandi Simms at the CMA for more information.  Renew your membership for 2013.   It is a small price to pay to support an organization that contributes so much to our industry.  

Brandi Simms
615.664.1607 direct