Thursday, December 5, 2013

Passion, Persuasion & Persistence

There are frequent events where Nashville Mayor Karl Dean addresses the country music industry.   Each time the message is passionate and consistent.   He wants Nashville to be the city everyone wants to move to, live in and work in.   He has never wavered from his commitment to growing the “Music City” Brand.

He is focused on three main objectives; affordability, a high quality of life and a talented workforce; sighting Technology, Talent and Tolerance as three of the key components.  Tolerance meaning that the city is friendly, welcoming and celebrates diversity. 

The growth and evolution that has taken place in Nashville since he took office in 2007 is a clear indication that he persuaded a lot of people to buy into his vision.    He was persistent in getting key decision makers to help.  He is passionate about accomplishing the goals.  Certainly the growth of country music has had an impact on all of this as well; however, Nashville has seen growth in healthcare, education, the financial sector and more.    

Is your vision for your brand that clear?  Is your message that concise and easily “sellable”?  Are you persistent and consistent in the way you communicate your message day in and day out?  Do you do it in a passionate and persuasive way?   Do you have the right people and resources in place to help you achieve your goals?
No matter what your brand is (a radio station, on-air talent, an artist, a retailer, yourself) this kind of well thought out, focused and persistent approach should result in success every time!