Saturday, March 7, 2015

What is Your Mobile Strategy?

You can’t ignore this freight train.  Your radio station must be active on the most used device, with the most personal impact, and an increasing role in your listener’s daily lives.  

Edison’s Infinite Dial 2015, reveals the strength of on-line radio listening by demo and the device most used to listen:


It is imperative that radio stations improve and market their mobile listening experience if we are going to compete with other music delivery options.  

A&O&B’s 9th Annual Roadmap 2015 (a survey of thousands of country listeners in the U.S. and Canada) confirms that only a small percentage of these Country P1s use their smart phone daily to listen to AM/FM Radio; plus, it trended down slightly in 2015, while use of all other music & entertainment functions increased!


Also note the increase in “using the phone as an alarm clock”; 52.6% to 64.2% in three short years.  The days of waking up to a radio alarm clock are over.   You must perfect, distribute and promote a mobile app, with an alarm clock, that immediately starts streaming your radio station.  The success of morning radio, and loyalty to the rest of the day, depends on it.  

There are many software developers creating unique mobile apps for radio; including our friends at Jacobs Media, who have invested a great deal in developing custom apps for radio.  

Here are few others for consideration:

Hopefully, NextRadio will find a way to distribute their product through all cell providers (not just Sprint) so that FM radio can be available for free on your mobile phone. That is a potential game changer. In the meantime, work on your own mobile strategy. It is a must for radio’s survival. 

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